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The Pioneer Of Artificial Intelligence In The Financial Markets

Louis B. Mendelsohn

* Pioneered the application of personal computers to the financial markets

* At the forefront of the trading software industry since the late 1970’s

* Developed an entirely new approach to computerized technical analysis for a global environment

* Allowed for trading software customers to maintain their competitive edge and outperform other traders  

"Excellent guide to maximizing financial gains by the getting the most out of data. This book makes concise and accurate description of complicated concepts in layman's terms."

- Mark C.

"Mr. Mendelsohn outlines that in today's global marketplace our computers are capable of instantly calculating the best move strategy with neural networks and machine learning."

- C.D.

"Mr. Mendelsohn describes in detail how the application of both disciplines to trading in the financial markets creates additional edge for traders. I highly recommend this book."

- Jon
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